Advanced Improvisation

About the course

This looks like a theory course but it's much more than that. It is a course in the application of music theory, specifically for improvising your own music. Improvising is composing your own original music on the fly, music that appears as if from nowhere and is gone just as quickly. As a musician, it's where you want to be. It combines a technical facility on the instrument, an understanding of theory and composition techniques, solid musicianship skills, it's all about of self-expression, and it's heaps of fun.

And so it takes some learning, but it's not rocket science. You can improvise without reaching the dizzy heights of Jimi Hendrix or John Coltrane. You can still understand how music works, develop a few skills and use our amazing instrument to express yourself musically. An open tuned 3 or 4 string guitar is the ideal instrument for improvising blues and folk music and you'll find out exactly why as you progress through the course. It's not difficult but there are new things to learn. Let's go.