Your Free lesson

Here's the lesson format. There are a few things missing, the important Q and A section, the links to the other lessons, but essentially your lesson page looks like this.

This one for now contains the old (very old) free lessons from the Slidin' course I'll be updating them as soon as I get a chance.


This video covers the basics of choosing and using a slide.


This one looks at the importance of your right hand in playing rhythm


In this space you'll find instructions on what you need to prepare for the lesson. You may need notes, audio files etc. More importantly though it tells you what skills from previous lessons you should have covered before taking these ones on. Learning is about building skills in stages.


This section makes it clear from the outset what you are looking to gain from this lesson.

more stuff: 

Here you'll find links to other information relevant to this lesson, usually either here on the site or my youtube channel.

You'll also find the Q and A section below and the links to the rest of the course on your right.