Lesson 2

Now you'll begin the process of slowly extending your picking and fretting skills. Everything you'll need is in the videos and the notes and in this lesson you're introduced to the timing exercise that you'll be using throughout the course.

It's an audio file with a drum track that'll help you learn to play in time, you can play it through the player below or download the file onto your hard drive to play any time (some browsers will play the file for you, if yours does this just go to File - Save through your browsers menu system).

Before You Start

Before you start this lesson make sure that you're outcomes from Lesson 1 are solid, that you can pick and fret a note cleanly and most importantly that both hands are relaxed as you do.


Here are your notes


By the end of this lesson you'll have

  • added an upstroke and some simple strumming to your right hand playing
  • focused on playing in time
  • learned to fret one note after another with your left hand
  • refined your left hand position


The timing exercise is probably the most important thing you'll do here, it's included in all of the courses and you should make it a regular part of your practice routine. The emphasis here is on becoming familiar with it, practicing the picking along with the exercise and then going back to Spoonful from Lesson 1 and keep the same focus on your timing, particularly through the gap when the guitar stops.

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