4 string fretted course

A method for 4 stringed guitars tuned GDGB. Again building specific skills one at a time starting with simple movements and developing them into more complex ones with the focus on accuracy and musicality. The 4 string guitar provides more scope than the 3 string and so this course goes significantly further, ending with some complex songs and a more advanced skill set. The ability to play a richer variety of chords also means that there's more theory in this one. You don't need it to play the songs or to build the technical skills necessary to play but it's there if you want it.

Beginner to intermediate players

Naturally you'll once again start right at the beginning and build your skills one at a time in a graded, methodical manner. You'll go a lot further in this course however than the beginner 3 string courses do. The 4 string allows you to do so much more and so there is more to learn. The first half of the course covers skills and from there you'll look at developing your theoretical understanding of how scales and chords interact with each other and you'll learn some of the great classic rock songs.

Picking and Fretting

Again this course is about learning how to pick and how to navigate your fretboard. There is more focus on building a chord vocabulary and you'll learn more complex picking techniques as well.You'll end up with a high skill set and a n awesome stack of classic rock tunes to play as well as being prepared for all of the other great resources available throughout the site.


The songs are selected to give you a varied repertoire and to help build the skills presented in each lesson. They include Spoonful, I'm a Man, Stand By Me, Auld Lang Syne, All I Have To Do Is Dream, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Ripple, Light My Fire, Green River, Hey Hey My My, Foxy Lady, Travelling Riverside Blues, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Woman, Get Back and Here Comes The Sun. All songs include video lessons and fully notated TAB.

And then what?

The 4 string course will build the foundations for your playing. Once you've done that you may want to move on to building some slide and fingerstyle skills as well, and playing some classic old country blues. There are 6 hour long workshops devoted to slide and fingerstyle and blues. Eventually too you'll want to look at the advanced improvisation course, perfect for 4 stringers.

Still interested?

For a detailed, lesson by lesson overview of all the course content check out the Course Outline.

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