3 string slide blues

Also a structured method but this time it's about learning to improvise. The skills you'll learn here are a lot different to the technical hands on skills from the previous course, instead it's about learning how music works, developing your ear, developing your improv skills and all within the context of the blues.

Not for beginners

It's not for beginners but there will be people of different abilites taking this course on so before you get started there's a Bridging Course that covers many of the fundamentals of improvising without any of the theory. You need to apply these concepts and hear them in action before trying to figure out how they work, even if you're just copying someone else.


The blues player's ultimate skill, improvising is the most rewarding and the most enjoyable aspect of being a musician. In this course you develop compositional and musicianship skills specific to improvising and specific to the blues. You'll develop your ability to play complex grooves, to hear the functions of the various notes in the blues and major scales, to develop a solo thematically, to construct turnarounds and plenty more.


Again the songs are a crucial part of the course. They are each selected to demonstrate a particular improvisational approach or stylistic element of the blues and to build a reprtoire of blues classics. They include Walkin' Blues, Mannish Boy, Little Red Rooster, Rollin' and Tumblin', Crossroads, Cold Shot, Key To The Highway, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sittin' On Top of The World, Hide Away, T-Bone Shuffle and Terraplane Blues. All songs include video lessons and fully notated TAB, most have their own backing tracks.

Still interested?

For a detailed, lesson by lesson overview of all the course content check out the Course Outline.

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