The Advanced Improvisation Course

My goal since establishing this site has been to help lift the standard of playing on our instrument. The advanced improvisation course is another important step in the realisation of that goal. Designed for 3 and 4 string players it is far and away the most advanced set of resources ever assembled for cigar box guitar players. Improvisation is the ultimate goal of the contemporary musician and now every member of our community can aspire to that as well.

Intermediate to advanced players


Needless to say this is not a course for beginners. It is assumed that you can play your instrument and that you are ready and willing to do the hard stuff. Musicians have to work at it, we talk about playing our dues, that's what you do here. Again it's presented in a structured, logical way and there are plenty of resources and support available.

Multimedia Rich


Again there is a video for every lesson, a comprehensive set of notes and audio files to help with developing musicianship skills and for you to play along with.

The Theory Course


To improvise well you really ned to know what you're doing. The new theory course has been developed to fill in any gaps in your theoretical knowledge so that you're ready to really extend yourself.



Even if you're not ready for it yet you know that when you are, it'll be here.