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Use the 3 selectors here to find options for your 3 string chords. The help page will help.

The classic 3 string barre chord with no 3rd so ca be played inplace of either a major or a minor, trouble is that while it can be used for either and the end of the day without the 3rd note it's neither major or minor.

No 3 in this one so it's quality is ambiguous but it's a handy moveable shape, based on the open D with the 5 in the bass.

A bit of a stretch back in the second position but a fuller voicing if you can manage it.

This one has the 3 but no root so can sound a little odd, you choose. A common moveable shape though based on the D major in the 3nd position.

With the root in the bass and the 3rd on top this is your standard minor voicing and another moveable shape.

Could be a good option for a minor chord if you're up this way

For a jazzier sound in your minor chords.

This moveable shape gives a great sounding minor seventh chord, even without the root note.

The minor chord with the 5 in the bass, taken from the open position Cm chord.

The 3 and the 6 sound cool together and with the 5 in the bass it is starting to outline an A chord, proceed with caution though.

It's an 11th position chord because of the position of the first finger but it's based around the A on the 14th fret.

With the tritone on top this is a good voicing for a seventh chord, it's also a moveable shape that is worth persevering with.

With the 5 in the bass and the tritone on top this is one of the better options for a 7th chord, a good moveable shape to learn.

Based on the 2nd position barre chord the b7 note is the open G on top. Note that there is no 3 though so you can't make a tritone and you lose the essence of the 7th chord. An easy shape though and it can still be useful for quick chord changes.

The classic barre chord across all 3 strings. Doesn't have the 3 so can be used for major or minor but isn't really either.

BAsed on the D major from the open position this one has no 3 so it's quality is ambiguous but if you're this far up the neck and need a B chord it's about your only option. It can be usaed for a major or a minor.

A good voicing for a 7th chord that forms the basis of an important moveable shape.

This is a useful shape because it's easy to grab and with the tonic so prominent there's no ambiguity when it comes to the chord changes but without the 3rd it lacks the fullness of a major or a minor chord. In this case it's in the 3rd position so it's a Bb chord.

You can play this one open but it's not going to work well as a moveable shape. There's no 5 either