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Use the 3 selectors here to find options for your 3 string chords. The help page will help.

This far up the neck you're only option for a B major, take it down to the 10th if you need a Bb.

This moveable shape becomes a bit easier to grab up in the fourth position

Just in case you're up this way lookinjg for a Bm6

Another great sound worth investigating

All of the chords this far up the neck will work better on some guitars than others. This is a good voicing though.

A moveable shape in the 4th position the tonic B is in the bass

Called an open position chord because of the 2nd string open D, this one won't work as a moveable shape but ticks all the boxes back here

No tonic in this one but if you need a B major this far up then why not give it a shot.

By moving the 5 note on the middle string up 2 frets you get the 6

A bit of a squeeze this far up the neck but some guitars will manage it just fine. 

First position because the first finger is at the first  fret but tou should think of it as based on the 4th fret B where your little finger is.

Based on the old barre chord this voicing is missing the 3rd so can also be used to replace a minor 7th chord. Without the third though you can't hear the tension in the tritone and so it doesn't really cut the mustard.

A great sounding voicing the the tonic in the bass and the tritone on top.

The barre chord on the 5th position is a C, again no yellow dot.

No 3 in this one so it's neither major or minor but if you need a C chord way up here what else are you going to do?

This moveable shape is getting a little easier down the neck.

No tonic in this one but it's easy to grab and creates a handy moveable shape. C is the IV chord in G so beginners particularly will appreciate the simplicity of this common chord.

A good way to play this chord should you ever need it.