chord finder

Use the 3 selectors here to find options for your 3 string chords. The help page will help.

Based on the D barre chord add the 3 note on the 8th fret and it's a D minor chord

A nice sounding voicing this one doesn't have the tonic either.

This moveable shape is a good option for a 6 chord.

Another very useful moveable voicing this time the tritone has the 5 in the bass

It's in the 4th position becasue that's where your first finger is. Think of it though as based around the 7th fret where the tonic is. A really important chord in the blues.

It has the flat 7 note but no 3rd so not the best option for a seventh chord but will be useful from time to time

A good seventh chord voicing with the root in the bass and tritone on top. 

The barre chord on the 9th fret is an E, neither major or minor without the third but you can use it for either, just don't expect it to sound major or minor.

Again no 3rd note so it can be used for major or minor but look for a better option if you can find it.

Again no tonic but a useful moveable position with the 5 in the bass

Your standard major voicing with all three notes and the root in the bass.

The minor chord without the tonic leaves the important 3 hanging oput to dry a little and so may not sound like you expect it to. It's a good shape to grab though and could still be your best option in this position.

A great voicing with a unique sound, give it a try

The minor 6th chord has a great sound but doesn't work for every song. You choose.

Another useful moveable voicing with the 5 in the bass and the tonic missing.

Up in the 9th position this chord is easy to grab and outlines the chord very well.

The root on the top, this a good sounding voicing and an easy moveable shape to grab.

Add a little flavour to the E major by adding the 6 note

A useful voicing with the 5 in the bass and the triton on top