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Use the 3 selectors here to find options for your 3 string chords. The help page will help.

In the 6th position because that's where the first finger is, think of it more based around the tonic on the 9th fret

It may be useful if you're up this way but without the 3 there's no tritone and so the flavour of the chord suffers

The root in the bass and the tritone on top this is a good one.

The barre chord way up on the 10th fret is an F

This moveable shape mimics the open D chord with the root on the 2nd string. As you can see there's no 3rd so it can be used for major or minor but is really neither.

ased on the F barre chord add the 3 note way up on the 14thy fret and it's an F major

Based on the D major moveable shape up in the second position, this one has the 3 so is major but without the root to hang off can sound a little odd. Sometimes it'll work, let your ear be the judge.

Based on the F barre chord on the 10th fret, with the 3rd on the 13th fret it's an F minor chord

The minor chord without tonic, see if it works for you.

The minor 6th chord sounds great, here it is up un the 10th position, see what you think.

A great sounding chord with the 5 in the bass

A great voicing for the minor 7th chord that is useful when you're way up the neck

Another juicy voicing with the sweet tones on top and the 5 underneath. A useful moveable shape.

You never know, someone may want to play this one day.

With the 5 in the bass this one sounds cool but may not work in every situtation without the tonic

One of my favourite moveable shapes with the tritone prominent up top and the 5 in the bass. In the 10th position its F7

This one doesn't have the root either but it's not really a big deal because it's the tritone on top that's important in the seventh chord and this shape gives you that. The 5 in the bass works and it's a good moveable shape.

In the 7th position because that's where the first finger is, think of it as based around the F on the 10th fret.

With the flat 7 but no 3 it only has half thr tritone so doesn't work so well unless you need a quick passing chord.

Don't forget the open chord