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All course content is online, there are no DVD's or any other material sent by mail.


Refund Policy

Paypal offers a Buyer Protection Policy which applies should the advertised content not match the descriptions throughout the site. Please be sure to read all of the course information to make sure that it's right for you before purchase. As all of the content is downloadable I can't guarantee any refund apart from that offered by Paypal.



The content here is intended for your personal use only. It's not to be copied in any way. Likewise the techniques and methods here have been developed and refined through many years of experience and investment in my own education. By signing up here you agree not to use anything that resembles these methods for the purpose of teaching, whether it be free or for sale. I reserve the right to cancel the account of anyone found engaging in said impropriety.


Have a nice day.


Patrick Curley