Policies and Procedures

The overall policy here is to do right by everyone and have a good time. In detail.....

Educational Best Practice

This site is a learning resource and I'm a teacher. In the same way that you take pride in your work, whatever it is, so do I. Everything here represents current best practice in online education, I'm constantly reviewing the literature and looking to improve the site as a result, which is one reason why it is constantly under review and developed into such an outstanding resource (If I must say so myself).


One of the things that the research tells us is that communication is key to successful outcomes in online learning and so there are plenty of opportunities to get in touch and I encourage everyone to take advantage of them.

A Flexible Resource

The site is a flexible resource which means that it is constantly growing and improving. It's structure allows more and varied types of content to be added regularly and for that content to directly reflect the needs of everyone involved. 

Refund Policy

I'm not able to offer any refunds as all of the course content is downloadable. The Course Outlines and Previews give a good indication of what to expect and I don't make any misleading claims so there's never been an issue. For your peace of mind however you should be aware that I'm bound by Paypal's rules which state that if the resources here don't stack up as claimed and I refuse to issue a refund then they will.

Site Closure

If for any unforeseen reason the site were to close down there would be three months notice given, all course material would be made available for ongoing download through an online cloud service such as Google Drive.