3 string slide course

All of the courses here follow a structured method in which graded exercises focus on specific skills and build them one at a time. The premise is that you start with something you can already do, build on it so that you can do more and have something else to build on. The skills you'll learn here are particularly intricate and need to be addressed one at a time using a proven, logical approach. So that's what you'll get

Perfect for beginners

You start right at the start and get the basics sorted early. You develop and then consolidate the skills that you need to play by focusing on the fine motor skills that allow you to operate your instrument. These skills can only be developed one small step at a time and so that's what you do.

The Dark Arts

The 3 string is perfectly suited for playing slide, traditionally slide guitarists were fingerpickers so these are the essential skills that you'll get from this course. I refer to them as the Dark Arts because they impart special powers to those that are prepared to do what it takes.


The songs are an important part of the course. They are included along the way to help support the various stages of your learning and they're fun to play. They include Spoonful, Folsom Prison Blues, Mobile Line, You Shook Me all Night Long, I'm Tore Down, Twist and Shout, Death Letter Blues, Not Fade Away, Amazing Grace, Dust My Broom and It Don't Mean a Thing. Alll songs include video lessons and fully notated TAB. There are a number of Blues solos to play and the course is fully integrated with my Youtube channel, pointing you to appropriate song lessons there as you progress through the course.

Still interested?

For a detailed, lesson by lesson overview of all the course content check out the Course Outline.

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