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Most of my lessons on YouTube will either supplement the course material here or provide additional resources for those already finished the beginner courses. Rather than trawling through YouTube this page enables you to filter the list to find musicianship or song lessons for different types of guitars. Lessons marked EZ will be referenced in the main courses while intermediate and advanced lessons are better attempted once you've finished and have some solid skills under your belt. As always let me know how you go.

Creating TABs for 3 and 4 string guitars.

Come On In My Kitchen (EZ version)

This song, as do many of Johnson's, implies a 12 bar structure without actually playing the changes. In this version, we play the changes which maks it a lot asier to navigate. Not one for the purists though.

EZ 3 string fretless

When I Lay My Burden Down

A classic gospel tune, easy enough with the left hand but you'll need some right hand picking skills to create your own version of the song as I don't go into any detail on exactly what notes to play, around lesson 8 you should be OK.

EZ 3 string fretless

Flip Flop Fly

This one is a 12 bar blues but getting that swing feel will require some solid right hand skills. It's suitable for later in the fretless course, the lesson on swing grooves, but of course you can play it on anything.

EZ 3 string fretless

It Ain't Necessarily So

Again this one's suitable for later in the fretless course, a classic swing feel.

EZ 3 string fretless

Roadhouse Blues

I've put this in the EZ category although I'll reference it later in the course. Don't try it if you're just starting it out.

EZ 3 string fretless

Bad Moon Rising

One of my first YouTube videos so I've not yet learned that people prefer fret numbers to the correct names I use here. Stilll a good tune to learn and if you're doing the courses here you'll know what I'm tallking about.

EZ 3 string fretless

How To Play K.C.Moan

EZ 3 string fretted

Playing Rock

To play Rock you need that attitude happening, but how does that translate musically?

EZ 3 string fretless

how to play a blues shuffle

There's mountains of stuff throughout the site on playing a shuffle so subscribers will have seen most of this before, could still be worth a look though.

EZ 3 string fretless