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Most of my lessons on YouTube will either supplement the course material here or provide additional resources for those already finished the beginner courses. Rather than trawling through YouTube this page enables you to filter the list to find musicianship or song lessons for different types of guitars. Lessons marked EZ will be referenced in the main courses while intermediate and advanced lessons are better attempted once you've finished and have some solid skills under your belt. As always let me know how you go.

Dealing with chords etc. on a 3 string

Sometimes a controversial topic, what happens when you attempt to play a 3 string like it's a 6 string? (it's my site, I can say stuff like that)

intermediate 3 string fretted

playing a slow blues

For intermediate and advanced players, this one will help you play notes based on the sound that they make.



The fewer the strings, the less options you have for notes to pick, that's just how it is. When it comes to phrasing however there's no limit to what you can do so learning how to use this to your advantage makes sense.


Some techniques for rhythm playing

Some ideas for your rock/boogie rhythm playing on the 4 string

intermediate 4 string

17 Blues turnarounds for the 3 string

17 Blues turnarounds for the 3 string. Grab the TAB here



Playing in Tune

Fine tune your ear by learning to construct a major scale on one string.

intermediate 3 string fretless


A closer look at how to improve your vibrato

intermediate 3 string fretless

Wang Wang Doodle

Howlin' Wolf's version of Willie Dixon's one chord classic

intermediate 3 string fretless

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Willie Johnson's classic is a one chord tune with a slide guitar riff that closely mimics the vocal line.

intermediate 3 string fretless

Dust My Broom

Elmore James take on the old Robert Johnson song. This is a good one to demonstrate how triplets work in a shuffle groove

intermediate 3 string fretless