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Most of my lessons on YouTube will either supplement the course material here or provide additional resources for those already finished the beginner courses. Rather than trawling through YouTube this page enables you to filter the list to find musicianship or song lessons for different types of guitars. Lessons marked EZ will be referenced in the main courses while intermediate and advanced lessons are better attempted once you've finished and have some solid skills under your belt. As always let me know how you go.

A Beginners Workshop part 1

The first part of the beginners workshop from the Recyclked Roots Festival 2014. Subscribers won't find anything new here.

EZ 3 string fretless

A Beginners workshop part 2

The second part of the beginners workshop from the 2014 Recycled Roots Festival.

EZ 3 string fretless

Pink Floyd's San Tropez

Love this old Floyd tune, if you've heard it you will too.

EZ 3 string fretted

Hoochie Coochie Man

This is actually the harmonica riff but the guitar underneath is not nearly as strong in Muddy's version so everyone just plays this, and it works better on the 3 string anyway.

EZ 3 string fretless

On The Road Again

The classic John Lee Hooker riff in a Canned Heat tune from the late '60's. The main thing to get right with this one is your right hand. This is a great tune to practice those Hooker boogies, a shuffle with a s sharp staccato back beat.

EZ 3 string fretless

How to play Come On In My Kitchen

This one is closer to the original and will provide a challenge for most of us.

intermediate 3 string fretless

Convert 6 string TAB to 3 and 4 string

Learn how to do the conversion, what to look for in a riff to see if it's suitable and how to overcome some of the problems you might come across.

Download the Musescore application from here. It's free and it's safe.


Anatomy of a Blues

How to dissect a blues standard, in this video I'll play Driftin' Blues but the principles are the same everywhere.


Crossroad Blues

A lesson on how to play Crossroads based on my live version.

intermediate 3 string fretless

Building Chords on a four string guitar

This video will help you to build chords on your four string guitar. Members can ask questions below.


intermediate 4 string