youtube videos

Most of my lessons on YouTube will either supplement the course material here or provide additional resources for those already finished the beginner courses. Rather than trawling through YouTube this page enables you to filter the list to find musicianship or song lessons for different types of guitars. Lessons marked EZ will be referenced in the main courses while intermediate and advanced lessons are better attempted once you've finished and have some solid skills under your belt. As always let me know how you go.

Come Together

The classic Beatles tune written by John Lennon

intermediate 3 string fretless

You Gotta Move

Another  blues that works great on the 3 string

intermediate 3 string fretless

Death Letter Blues

One of the early classics by the great Son House

intermediate 3 string fretless

Wish You Were Here

the Pink Floyd Classic for fretless 3 string

intermediate 3 string fretless

Hybrid picking

Probably the only technique that's not specifically covered here on the site, hybrid picking combines the advantages of fingerpicking and flatpicking, you'd better have your chops down though.


How to play Can't Find My Way Home

How to play Steve Winwood's classic, you'll have to retune for this one. TAB on it's way.

advanced 4 string

It Hurts Me Too

An 8 bar slow blues from Elmore James, probably the most influential slide player of the 1950's. The licks in this intro represent the foundation of his playing and countless players after him. They can be played on a 3 string although you do have to have your slide working well.

advanced 3 string fretless