chord finder

Use the 3 selectors here to find options for your 3 string chords. The help page will help.

The minor 6 with the 5 in the bass is a cool sound and may be a better option than the minor in the open position, especially in a minor blues. Give it a shot.

A great sounding chord and another useful moveable shape, use it wherever you see a minor chord and see if you like it.

The minor 7 works better than the straight minor in this position with the flat 7 helping to outline the chord.

A minor chord but without the tonic to hang the 3 off it may not always sound like you want it to. Another easy one though and good for a moveable shape.

A great sounding voicing if you're after this sound. 

In the second position because that's where the first finger is but it's best found by placing this important movable shape on the 5th fret with your little finger.

The tritone on top and the root in the bass, this one sounds like a 7th chord. A moveable shape worth learning.

A good option for the important C7 chord in the open position. It's easy to grab, the tritone is intact and the 5 in the bass gives it a good bluesy sound.

An important chord when playing a blues in G because the tritone defines the chord well, the 5 in the bass is a bonus and you can get away without the tonic.

Based on the C barre chord addint the 3rd on the 8th fret makes it minor

The barre chord on the 7th fret is a D and can be used for a major or minor because without the 3rd note it is neither.

Another popular voicing because the D is so important in the ksy of G and it's an easy one to grab. It can be played for a major or minor chord because it's neither without the 3.

This D jaor doesn't have the tonic D in it but it does have the 3 and is a useful moveable shape.

The root in the bass and the third on top, this moveable shape works.

These chords really need all three notes but this is another easy moveable shape to grab and even without the tonic is one that you'll use a lot.

Move the Cm6 up 2 frets and you have a Dm6. Who'd have thought?

Not a common chord but it sounds good on the 3 string, try using it for a minor chord to jazz up your tunes. A handy moveable shape.

Try using this one anytime you see a minor chord. Again there's no tonic but it's a good sounding chord and a handy moveable shape.

In the 7th position this shape is a D minor 7th chord, a good one to use whenever you see a minor chord, especially in a blues or jazz tune. Have a listen.