17 blues turnarounds for 3 string guitar

The blues turnaround is generally played in the last 2 bars of an 8, 12 or 16 bar sequence. They allow an accompanist a slither of limelight in which to turn the changes around and start again. Here you'll find 17 blues turnarounds suitable for both fretted and fretless 3 string guitars, take the ones that you like, leave the rest and when you're done try mixing them up and making your own. 

For more on blues and blues improvisation check out the 3 string slide blues course.

Here are the pdf, midi and tef files


The tef files can be played with the free tefviewer application. Check the Help file to see how it works.

download the pdf: 
download the tef file: 
download the midi file: 

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Please set up the downloads for the pdf, tef, and midi.


Thanks nimble for bringing that to my attention, sorted.

Will you be adding turn arounds (e-book) for the 4 String CBG?

Cheers Richard

It's on the list but since you've asked I'll make it a priority.