Meet the boss

 There is no substitute for experience and with over 30 years as a gigging musician and teacher, degrees in Contemporary Music, in Education and in Health Science, specialising in biomechanics, human movement and online education, I am uniquley qualified to deliver what is still the best resource for learning to play 3 and 4 string guitars anywhere in the known universe.

A teacher

You don't get to be a teacher because you decide to call yourself one. I've paid my dues and I now teach music for a living. Those degrees hanging on my wall are much more than just pieces of paper, they are a rock-solid guarantee that:

  • I have a deep understanding of the content that I teach.
  • I can plan for specific student outcomes.
  • I can develop resources to deliver those outcomes.

If you're serious about learning to play and are prepared to make an investment in making that happen then you need something of significant substance. You won't get that from free videos on YouTube or from self-proclaimed experts who happen to know a little more than you do. You need more than a few videos or scale diagrams or tabs, you need a plan.

There is a mountain of content here at and it's organised so that you can step through it methodically  and build the skills that you need skills because that's what it takes to do this job properly. What I've created here is still, ten years and over 2,000 subscribers later, the most comprehensive resource ever created for learning to play 3 and 4 string guitars.

Bar none.


Curriculum Vitae

Mission Statement

Paying your dues. It's a phrase we hear in the blues from time to time and it's about earning the right to do something well. Whether I'm playing music or teaching it, I know when I'm doing it well because I've paid my dues.


Careers in Information Technology, Audio Engineering, Health Care, Education and as a working musician.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (University of Technology, Sydney - 1999) 
  • Bachelor of Education and Contemporary Music (Southern Cross University, Lismore - 2012).
  • Current accreditation with the Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania.


  • Music education for children and adults.
  • Online education design and delivery.
  • The biomechanics and kinaesthetics of guitar playing.
  • Playing the blues