Navigating the Site

Before you start it's important to spend just a little time familiarising yourself with the site. There is a lot of information here and it helps to know your way around. There are two menus that you need to be familiar with. The main menu in red at the top will navigate you through most of the site's content. The secondary menu includes functions such as the chord and video finders as well as allowing you to access important learning tools such as the Forums, Blogs etc.

The Courses. There are courses for beginners and for more advanced players. The 3 string slide and fretted course and the 4 string course are suitable for poeople that have never touched a guitar before, likewise for those who may have dabbled but never received guided instruction and may have a few technical flaws that need addressing. As with everything the basics are your foundation and they are crucial, don't take them for granted and don't rush through them, it'll get challenging soon enough. The more advanced courses are suitable for most people regardless of your instrument as they assume that you can already play well and are ready to move on.

The Workshops. Workshops focus on specific areas of learning, such as rhythmic skills and timing, there is also a significant number of workshops for 4 string players who have done the course and keen to learn fingerstyle and slide although these workshops will also be valuable for 3 string players and I'd encourage everyone to have a look.

The ebooks. Again ebooks are on specific subjects where you can benefit most from having your content in written form.

The Chord finder. The Chord finder will help you to find, but more importantly understand the structure of, most (probably all) of the chordsyou'll ever need on a 3 string There's a video on the Help page that will help use it.

The Video Finder. There are literally hundreds of videos on the site so the video finder helps you sort through the maze and find the one you're after. Again the video on the Help page is worth a look.

Blogs. Blogs are a great way to journal your learning journey. Writing things down makes you think in a very specific way and really helps you to understand more fully exactly what you are learning. They also allow me, and your fellow students, to help out if necesary.

The Forums. Meet up, ask questions....

Song Requests. There's always a backlog so I apologie in advance if I don't get to yours in a hurry but these requests really help me when it comes to deciding what tune to present next on my YouTube channel.

Testimonials. These are your way of letting the world know about the greates resource for learning 3 and 4 string guitars in the known universe. Don't be shy!

My Account. Here's where you land at login and where you can change your password, email address and userid if you choose.