Ten Iconic Blues Riffs

When you listen to blues you hear something of the player in the sound they make. Ideas are shared, stolen even, but never copied note for note. The riffs in this little collection are typical of what different players may have done in certain songs but aren't exact replicas. That's just not how the blues works, we're not interested in exact replicas, more in ideas that we can then personalise and use in our own playing. 

Of course if you're going to do this you have to have paid your dues, you need to know how the music works and how your instrument works. Some of the riffs here are real easy and most beginners will pick them up. Others take some time and you need to skill up if you're going to take a skeleton idea and make it personal. Skilling up is what this whole site is all about so if you're struggling with these riffs and you're committed to learning to play the blues you really need to investigate the options available here on this site.

I hope you enjoy learning these iconic riffs and can bring new life to them by making them a part of your playing. The video is below, here's the TAB, happy pickin'