You get the lot

This is where I let you in on my marketing strategy. The plan is to make membership on this site a no-brainer. By having every resource you could ever possibly need available in one place, making it consistently high quality, ensuring best practice educational methods throughout, I'm building a resource that every 3 and 4 string guitar player on the planet will recognise as something of value to them now, and for years to come. I'm not interested in taking your money, and then taking it again, and again, that simply doesn't appeal to me. Teaching you to play does.

A commitment

The subscription fee represents a commitment. If you see your learning as valuable you'll make the commitment. If I give it away or make it crazy cheap then you're much less likely to value the resources here. This is not just some crazy New Age marketing hype, it's been proven by real research.

Once you're in, you're in

Having taken that step then you're away. No more fees, no subscription renewals, no extra content, everything on the site is yours and everything still to come will be yours too. As your playing improves the site grows and there's more to learn, because there's always more to learn.

Pick and choose

Once you've signed up you can browse all of the content and decide where you'd like to start. You may intend to begin with the fretted course and then discover that slide isn't that hard after all, or browse through the 4 string course and decide you'd better go and get a new guitar. You don't need to decide before hand which resource you need, grab the lot and take your time.

In the pipeline

The next project is an album of original cigar box guitar music, along with tab and instructional video of course, and guess what? You'll get that too!!!

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Full Membership allows unlimited access to all of the resources throughout the site. There is no expiration date, membership assumes that you've accepted the outrageously reasonable Terms and Conditions.

Please note the full price of membership and ongoing access to everything on the site is $47US.

$47 US