Studying Online

Signing Up

Go to the signup page and follow a series of steps, creating your accounts userid and password and then to Paypal. The transaction takes place on the Paypal site, they process all of your financial information all we get is confirmation of the transaction.

From there look for the confirmation emails, if they don't turn up immediately then check your spam folders. In any case you don't really need them, just go to the login page and use your account details to gain access to the site.

Where to Start?

Once you're logged in you can access most of the site's content through the main menu at the top, the navigation menu will help you through some of the ancilliary content, forums, etc.

Where you go first will depend on your needs, some will go straight for the Workshops, others will want to check out the various Courses. Use the Video Finder on the Members Navigation Menu to hone in on the things that interest you.

Why Online?

All of the research tells us that online training is most effective when there is a variety of multimedia resources and when students have access to their trainers for clarification and feedback. Guitar players, and particularly those just starting out, develop their skill set in a methodical manner, in small increments and at their own pace. Learning online is not only the most cost-effective way to do this but, given the constant access to task-specific resources, I believe the best way to do it.

System Requirements

All of the site's content is accessed via your web browser and the videos are hosted on Vimeo, the audio files are in mp3 format and the ebooks, tab and lesson notes are all pdf files. Desktop and mobile devices will be able to access all of these resources, if you want to verify that it works at your place then check out the sample lessons.