Old fashioned perhaps but it still works for me, if there's anything you're not sure of just head to the Contacts page and send me an email.

On the page

Right through the site, on lessons pages, workshops, ebooks, song lessons there are opportunities to ask questions by adding comments at the bottom of the page. When you do I'm notified and will get back to you within 24 hours, usually quicker.


Through our private Social Learning Group on Facebook you can ask questions about any aspect of the course, upload a video of yourself playing for direct feedback from myself and other students.


The Help system will help you find your way around, make the most of your lessons and explain feature like the video finder and midi player.


You can also post a question in the Forums, particularly if you think the other students might be able to help. It's also where we ask questions and have discussions about topics raised in the Workshops and eBooks.


Blogs are a great way for you to document your learning and to share your experience with others. They also allow me to see how you're going, which I love to do, and so I can offer any insight that I can into what's happening for you.