So far I've got some songs from my youtube channel with some tab, there'll be more to come. Click on a heading to sort.
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How To Play K.C.Moan

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Anatomy of a Blues

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How to dissect a blues standard, in this video I'll play Driftin' Blues but the principles are the same everywhere.

Crossroad Blues

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A lesson on how to play Crossroads based on my live version.

Inside the Members Area

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Building Chords on a four string guitar

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This video will help you to build chords on your four string guitar. Members can ask questions below.


Playing Rock

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To play Rock you need that attitude happening, but how does that translate musically?

EZ, groove, musicianship, improv, rock

Dealing with chords etc. on a 3 string

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Sometimes a controversial topic, what happens when you attempt to play a 3 string like it's a 6 string? (it's my site, I can say stuff like that)

intermediate, 3 string, theory

Hybrid picking

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Probably the only technique that's not specifically covered here on the site, hybrid picking combines the advantages of fingerpicking and flatpicking, you'd better have your chops down though.

advanced, technique

playing a slow blues

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I never imagined at the time that this would be my most popular youtube video to date, but there you go. Maybe it's because we focus on the sound we make?

intermediate, musicianship, blues, improv


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The fewer the strings, the less options you have for notes to pick, that's just how it is. When it comes to phrasing however there's no limit to what you can do so learning how to use this to your advantage makes sense.

intermediate, musicianship, improv