Getting it right

There's a lot to be said for getting it right. I know there's the whole "no rules" thing that a lot of cbg enthusiasts adhere to but frankly, it's bullshit. Creativity is great, personalising your own style is essential, but that doesn't mean you just make shit up. You could make a guitar with no strings on it, sure go ahead, but it's not going to work real well.

The same goes for playing. Technique is important because it enables you to play, to be creative, to develop your own style. It's not a cross to bear it's a neccesary part of your tool kit. The time and effort put in to getting it right will enable you to operate your instrument, to make the sounds that you want to hear. People will have different techaniques, deifferent ways of expressing themselvbes but proficient players use a technique that works, not one that doesn't. An incorrect technique, and I see plenty of them every day, is one that hinders your playing. It doesn't mean that there is a 'one size fits all' approach to playing, of course there isn't, it just means it is possible to get it wrong, should be obvious.

It's important when you go through your lessons here that you go slowly and that you master one skill at a time. If you are struggling with a song or a particular exercise then the most likely cause is that you've proceeded too quickly. No big deal, everyone does it, just go back and master the skills in the previous lesson. Follow the instruction precisely, ask questions if you need to, relax and be patient. It takes time, you won't achieve much of any real substance in a few days.

The lessons here are structured in a way that will enable you, eventually, if you choose, to play well, free of technical deficiencies that hinder your progress. If you've come here after learning incorrect methods (there's that word gain), you'll feel like rushing through because you've made a certain amount of progress but eventually you'll hit a snag. When that happens go back to basics and unpick your technique and get it right. Ask me for help if you need to, post a video on the YouTube channel, get the basics sorted and you'll be free to fly.