Front Page News

Coming Soon

I'm just about to start work on the Slide workshop. Everything you wanted to know about slide playing with a suite of new technique exercises and fully integerated with songs, tabs and other lessons throughout the site. This is how we roll now folks!!!

New eBook - blues for RJ

Blues for RJ presents 5 blues solos in the style of Robert Johnson, the legendary delta blues player. Johnson encountered a variety of musical styles in his famous journey around the southern states. He was a sponge, absorbing everything that he heard and leaving us with 29 songs to document the journey and his all too short life's work. 

New Layout

The site has a new look and feel from start to finish. It's made the current resources more accessible but the most exciting part of the update is what it allows me to do next. The scope for shorter courses, workshops, song lessons, eBooks is massive and this new site can grow much more easily now, and it will. What was initially a resource just for beginner players is now one for every player. Stay tuned.

All Access Area

The Starter Pack is no more, The Blues Pack has had it's day. There's just too much on the site now and the Starter Pack went way further than beginner standard so now just one subscription gives you access to everything, yep ...everything.

The Four String Course

The new 4 string course is finally ready. Most four string guitars are fretted so the course focuses on fretting single notes and chords and the use of a flatpick. It's for guitars tuned GDGB, it starts from scratch so is perfect for beginners but there's plenty there to satisfy everyone. This tuning lends itself well to rock guitar so the song lessons draw on the classic rock repertoire and include Jumpin' Jack Flash, Get Back, Hey Hey My My, Ripple, Here Comes the Sun, Honky Tonk Woman and plenty more.