Front Page News

Issues with iOS 9.3.1

Some users have reported issues playing some of the videos on their iPads with the new iOS. It turns out that Apple have made some changes that will be fixed with the next release that effect Vimeo's embedding capabilities. Unfortunately there's nothing to be done but wait for the new release in which we're assured it'll be fixed. To keep you going I've added download links in the text directly beneath each video so that you can download the video and play it on your device. These download links will remain when the problem is fixed.

Rhythm Studies Workshops

Playing in time and keeping a constant beat is important but most songs will ask a little more of you than that. These 2 workshops will have you reading, listening and playing a variety of different rhythms suitable for beginners through to advanced players.

4 string Fingerstyle Workshop

The 4 string Fingerstyle Workshop is ready to go and can be found in 3 parts on the Workshops Page. Again it starts with the basics and extends on to more advanced exercises and songs. This one will particularly suit people wanting to play traditional fingerstyle blues. You'll need to have done at least the first few lessons of the the 4 string course as this one only covers right hand technique.  The Slide Workshop is next.

Coming Soon

I'm just about to start work on the Slide workshop. Everything you wanted to know about slide playing with a suite of new technique exercises and fully integerated with songs, tabs and other lessons throughout the site. This is how we roll now folks!!!