I am a 65 4 string box beginner. I no little to nothing about music. Have never learned how to play. But I need a retirement hobby.

LearnCigarBoxGuitar.com has so information for beginners, I can not waiting to see my progress 6 mounths from now.

I believe that learncigarboxguitar.com is an unparalleled instructional
combo of music theory, physical exercises, technique and songs for the CBG.  And I think I’ve tried them all.  The site uses a combination of videos, explanatory notes, music notation and tablature to give the aspiring CBG player a deep understanding what the three and four string instruments are truly capable of.  And it’s incredibly cheap.


New Mexico, USA

For someone interested in learning Cigar Box Guitar this is the place to be.  There is so much available here of great quality and the cost is dirt cheap.  You can't go wrong.

I am new to CBGs and playing guitar. In looking for lessons I came across this Learn Cigar Box Guitar .Com site. It looked like it was very thorough and I liked Patrick Curley’s approach and skills from observing some of his free stuff on YouTube. So I joined. For the last three weeks I have been taking the lessons – and the workshops and generally exploring the site. I thought it was a good deal from what I had initially seen of the site, but I can tell you, until you get into the site and start looking around you really have no idea how much information is available. Everywhere you turn on Learn Cigar Box Guitar .Com there is important information that can help a person make progress towards playing the CBG. I really like this site and there is so much useful stuff here there is virtually no risk of not recouping the price of admission.

I'm really learning a lot from this program, not knowing a thing about guitars this has been great. The site just keeps improving with new learning tools. I'm almost finished with the starter pack, can't wait for the next section. Great job!


In early October, 2014 I was bitten by the Cigar Box Guitar bug. Don't know why, but I jumped in and built my first CBG, a three string slider. I really enjoyed just sliding up and down the neck making a nice tone. Then, I figured I needed to learn to play the thing. I looked at a ton of YouTube videos on how to play CBG, but most were either too advanced or just poorly taught. After much googling, I finally stumbled upon Patrick's site LearnCigarBoxGuitar. Good name, but did he back it up?

I read every page I could get to on the site and watched all the free videos. In the end, I took the plunge and signed up for the Starter Pack. Once "inside" I was blown away by the amount of content. Most lessons included two videos. One for the right hand. One for the left. There was also plenty of tabs available for whatever was being taught. He kept the course interesting by using familar songs as the vehicle for teaching a skill. Spoonfull is not a hard or complex song, but when you're just starting out, being able to do a recognizable version of it is very encouraging. Many other songs in the Starter Pack are similar, in that they get progressively more complex, but seem to flow from the prior lessons. It apparent that Patrick has some formal background in teaching/training.

By the end of the starter pack, I felt comfortable having someone in the room when I played and managed a pretty decent version of Norwegien Wood. The course was exactly what I needed and provided more than I expected.

I recently signed up for the Blues Pack which is actually two courses in one. The first part is called the Bridging course and is a warm up for the Blues course proper. It contains a lot of techniques for playing that will be invaluable in the Blues course. As I work through these videos I'm starting to see how the techniques here will be used later. It should make the Blues course that much more valuable.

I've tried (purchased) CBG lessons from several sources and have to admit that Patricks's LearnCigarBoxGuitar is by far the most complete and comprehensive. I'm really glad I found his site before I spent a lot of time, money and frustration trying to learn on my own

If you want to really learn how to use your cigar box for some great sounding blues, then check out LearnCigarBoxGuitar.com.

So, I built a 3-string CBG. Not sure how I got to that piont. Just ran across some web sites related to building CBG's. It was a fun build, but once completed, it dawned on me that i needed to learn how to play. There are many vid on YouTube, but no real structured training. Then, I ran across LearnCigarboxGuitar.com. I watched all the introductory vids and decided that Patrick really knew how to develop training. Having spent many years developing and using training material, I immediately recognized Patrick's approach. It is very well organized, structured to build on prior lessons and each lesson is very short and focused on a single task. This is not a hacked together quick-buck package but instead a nicely designed training course with excellent on line support. I whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning to play slide CBG. I'm now only half way through, but can play several songs that actually sound like they should. Great product Patrick. I'll be moving to the Blues course once I finish the starter package. That will take a while, but it's worth the effort.

I've been making my way througn the original sliding course and have enjoyed it a lot.  But I've been working on the side with some fretted work, and now a whole course on fretted playing has suddenly been added.  Great upgrade.  These lessons are clearly demonstrated, well explained, and just a ton of fun.  Tnank you.

Just completed the Starter Pack over the last two months. I came in with some prior basic abilities strumming ukulele and guitar and could strum and finger slide through a 12 bar blues on these instruments. My goal was to develope some abilities on a fretless 3 stringer cbg that revolved around finger picking and strumming the thing. I am 59 years of age and play with my fingers only, no pick.

Now, two months later how do I feel? Absolutely stoked! I now can thumb and finger pick and strum with greater dexterity, moving between strum and fingers at will. I have increased understanding of and abilities around syncopation, can mute with both my right hand (heel or via a muted strum) and left hand. I can play swing and shuffle beats and grooves, and have significantllt improved my use of the minor penatonic scale, that is, my movement between the fret dot marker positions. Of most significance to me was my learning to play 3 feels up at the twelfth fret in the Dust MyBroom lesson. Man, guys who did that always seemed to possess magic and voodoo power and I never thought that I might one day also be up there high on the neck going for it. I now too, possess some of that black magic, and I expect things to get even better as I progress through the Blues Pack. Will let you know. FUN, FUN, FUN! Geoff.

Very impressed with this CBG Starter lesson pack. I feel it represents the best of what Internet convenience and accessibility can deliver. While I  already have a little proficiency finger picking basic patterns on guitar my finger picking ability has a lot of holes and your lessons are filing those in and bringing my cbg alive! Great value for the $46. Stoked!!! Geoff, Queensland. Australia.