Harmonic Theory

At the end of the course is a challenge to take one of the many chord charts available on the internet and transpose it into the key of G so that it's more accessible in that tuning. One of the many tasks that understanding the theory frees you up to do.

This theory course acts as both a course of study and as a reference for later on. It is mainly theoretical but most lessons include a section on Learning the Fretboard that I strongly suggest you tackle. Applying the theory is the best way to learn it, and along the way you'll unlock the fretboard for yourself. Until you've done this you have no idea how liberating it is as a player to really know your way around the fretboard.

Lesson Structure

Different courses have slightly different lesson structures because they each serve a different purpose. Here you'll be studying a theory course, with a practical component that is also a reference for later on. It is also self directed so the decision to move on to the next level is always up to you. 

Because it is also a reference resource I've included material that you can come back to at any time but won't neccesarily need to move forward. If you can grasp the concepts described in the Take Home section at the end and make a good fist of the the practical exercises in Learning the Fretboard then you'll be good to go. Likewise at the start of each lesson the Before You Start section makes it is clear what you need to know before moving forward.


Subscribers can ask question in the comment section on each page. Everyone else, and I'd encourage subscribers to do the same, can join us at the LearnCigarBoxGuitar Social Learning Group on Facebook. Discussion is always a great way to learn new things, and it will allow you to post videos of the practical tasks to make sure that you're getting it right.

Learning music theory is a challenge and I don't shy away from that. This course I hope is accessible to anyone willing to give it a go but I don't dumb it down.

Many will say that you don't need music theory, you can still enjoy playing without it. Sure you can, it just depends on how far you are willing to limit yourself. I wasn't all those years ago and I am forever glad of it.