Step by Step

Have you ever entertained the thought that learning music is something that's just not for you? That some people can do it and other's just can't? That some people just have a gift and they're the only ones that can get any good at it? Well there's some truth in that.

Just signed up

I have been reading and researching all I can about CBG's and I believe this course sounds like the most basic and in depth course I've found. I like the demos that I have watched and enjoy your laid back approach to them. Your explainations are easy to follow and to me at least make good sense. I am currently waiting for the email with download info and find myself a bit antsy.

Day 7 p.s.

The wild strumming is just rough and loud and fun. What I want to do is master this instrument, to get precision and accuracy in timing and intonation. I don't expect to get through any more lessons so quickly. I think over the next few days I had better keep doing the early exercises to get them deep into my muscle memory.


Lesson one and 2 assessment tasks completed. Lesson 3 task 1 going well. Lots of chord strumming. Playing through a Vox DA5 mostly set to a very little reverb and the Blues1 modelled amp - with sometimes flanger and reverb or something for a bit of stuff like Wild Thing. I seem to have become somewhat obsessed. I feel like Mr Toad after his first sight of a motor car "Hang piano - stuff your harmonica - 3 string CBG is the only instrument worth playing!"


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