Day 2

Dowloaded all course overview and module overview stuff and lesson 1 and watched the videos. Do some timekeeping exercises on day 3 is the plan.

At the start

I'll be building my CBG at a Chickenbone John workshop in 5 days time. It is my intention to start getting to grips with the course - download & print stuff etc- every day in the interim. It is only by a determined effort that I shall get where I want to with this instrument. Hopefully making my level of commitment to practice public (in an anonymous sort of way) through this blog will be a spur to maintaining that effort!

3 String Versus 4 String

So, recently I bought a 3 string fretted CBG kit ready to build. I was hoping to build it over the last weekend. It didn't happen because I realised it's going to take me a bit longer than I expected.
I'm dead keen to get started on Patrick's course having signed up last week. A friend of mine has offered to loan me a 4 string guitar until I get round to building my 3 string. Is it a good idea to follow the course on a 4 string?

Just a wee recent history about where I've come from to get to here

Last Autumn I did a 3 week music-themed road trip in the USA. I started in Nashville, Tennessee, went west to Memphis and then south through Mississippi, Arkansas and ended up in New Orleans in Louisiana. It was a great trip and I took in as much live music gigs and festivals as I could. I love American roots music in all its forms. I picked up a diddley-bow kit in Arkansas and a harmonica in Clarksdale and I played some 12 bar blues in private around the back of a grain barn at the Hopsons Plantation near the famous US61/49 crossroads.

Theory is not a dirty word

After reading another piece 'somewhere' on the internet about the evils of learning music theory I progressed on to update the Syncopation page in the Makin' Music section. This could be a good time to make a confession of sorts. I called the theory section Makin' Music because the word theory tends to scare people, I'm starting to think that was a mistake but I'm not going to change it now. Anyway...


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